Alternative And New Treatment Options For Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer Treatment

Colon cancer, also known as colorectal cancer, is cancer that develops in the bowel or rectal area of the body. The best way to assure a chance for survival is to understand the symptoms and not shrug them off as a minor annoyance when you notice any of them. It’s better to see the doctor and find out that it’s merely an irritation or even hemorrhoids than to have it the other way around. Unfortunately, many of the colon cancer symptoms don’t appear until the disease is in an advanced stage.

Screening for colon cancer is usually done every 10 years, beginning when you are 50. If you have a history of cancer in your family, the doctor might suggest that you have your colonoscopy about every five years. As time goes on, medical science continues to try many new treatments for colon cancer. There are several new treatment options that you might be interested in. Alternative and new colon cancer treatment options should be discussed with your doctor.

Alternative Treatment

Many patients are finding that traditional cancer treatments do not work for them. One of the alternatives to colon cancer treatment is holistic medicine. Holistic medicine will use your immune system to help in healing your body. Holistic doctors learn about your body and find out which medications will benefit you the best. It is an alternative from the chemo or the radiation and should be discusses with your doctor. There are many new treatment options for colon cancer. These new treatment options also include thermal therapy and ozone therapy.

Thermal Therapy

One new method for treating colon cancer is hyperthermia treatment. Hyperthermia treatment is supposed to generate more blood supply to the cancer effected area. Hyperthermia treatment, itself, is not a new treatment for disease. It has never before been considered a way to treat colon cancer but has recently showed positive results. Hyperthermia treatment has had a long and successful history of treating many different types of diseases.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy means treating colon cancer with a special form of oxygen called O3. O3. Also known as oxidation, this therapy is very hard on cancer cells. Ozone therapy enters the body, intravenously, into the ear or the rectum. This type of therapy has been known to kill some of the cancerous cells while stunting the growth of other carcinogenic cells. Perfectly safe, when tested on 384,775 patients the side effect rate was .000005 with each application. Ozone therapy has many major effects on the human body including stimulating the development of white blood cells, making the red blood cells more flexible and elastic, oxidizing arterial plaque, killing off bacteria, and eliminating fungi growth.